Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker fighting with Phantom Menace for worst reviewed SW film

Just watched Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. Have so many bad/sad/angry things to say about it but mostly are spoilers so I guess that will have to wait till another few days. But in the meantime, a big congratulation to Jar Jar Abrams for making a Star Wars movie that is now fighting with Phantom Menace for the title of the worst reviewed Star Wars film. That's quite an accomplishment!

Some reviews.

Matt Goldberg from Collider gives the movie a D+: Star Wars isn’t just iconography or junk you liked from your childhood. It can be so much more than that, and it means so much more to countless people. The Rise of Skywalker renders the Skywalker Saga into something cheap, frail, and easily disposable.

Chris Evangelista from /Film gives it a 5 out of 10: There’s so much wasted potential here. As the story draws to its big, loud climax, and one fan-service moment after another arises, you begin to get the sense that Abrams is just checking off boxes and fulfilling a quota. There’s no spark; no joy; no life. If this truly is the end of the Skywalker Saga, what an ignoble end it is.

Darren Franich from EW gives it a C and calls it a Zombie: We need a new franchise designation for this stumbling, bloodless conglomeration of What Once Was. Rise of the Skywalker isn’t an ending, a sequel, a reboot, or a remix. It’s a zombie.

Can Rise Of Skywalker do it? Can it beat Phantom Menace as the worst reviewed Star Wars movie? Check out the Tomatometer for this exciting battle.


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