Monday, December 10, 2007

Complete Masters Of The Universe figures for sale!

I go nuts with anything He-Man. So I guess it's not surprising that I went bonkers when I see this awesome collection of vintage Masters Of The Universe figures for sale on eBay. According to the seller, it is the largest mint carded collection containing 71 figures including my favourites He-Man, Prince Adam and Skeletor. From eBay:

Here we go.. up for auction is probably the largest mint on card Masters Of The Universe Collection ever!!! To the best of my knowledge this is a complete set of figures that were released in the United States. Included in this auction are a Spanish carded 8 back Mer-Man, a flat and round back Two-Bad and a blue and red winged Stratos.
To think that I once had all these figures when I was a kid but my parents had to give them away to their friend's kid because they think I was too old to be playing with toys. Damn that kid! Damn him! Now I have to cough up US$7.5k to buy this collection. Thanks a lot mum, dad.


Sarah said...

omg!! a complete set!!! i love He-Man.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if your parents did not sell them and if you have kept them till today, that collection of yours may be worth a small fortune. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Awww.. hugs. U and ur He-Man.

Anonymous said...

71 mint he-man figures? My collection has at this moment 109 with figures, playsets, vehicles and animals. The complete collection is 120 itens so that collection its not so big after all but it has mosquitor and horde trooper so it is a great colection.

Greatings from another he-man fan.