Saturday, December 22, 2007

Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

I think this is a great gift for any Trekkie - a Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator, based on the Communicator used in the original series. From eBay:
This Comm will pair with any cell phone that is Bluetooth capable! Once paired you can stick your cell in your pocket then send, receive and make calls using your Comm just like Kirk and the boys! Imagine the response you'll get pulling this bad boy out at the next convention! It even accepts voice commands!

This is a highly modified STTE Comm and is very similar to the Master Replicas, it is nearly identical and is made in China, probably at the same plant the MRs were, with the same molds. In fact, you can interchange most parts between them. The STTE Comms are physically identical to the MR but basically were still just a toy So, Working with a Bluetooth electronics company in China, I got some custom electronics that with some serious mods, I make fit inside and operate with all the Comms original lights and buttons!

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