Saturday, October 03, 2009

This week on Klik.TV: Ris Low, Megan Fox, Google Trike and more!

Video: I want to ride my tricycle! I want to ride my Google Trike!
What weighs 115 kg, sports 3 wheels, takes pix, and rhymes with Shmoogle Shmike? Yeah yeah... it's the Google Trike! This pedal-powered beauty goes where the Google Van can't go, taking photos for Google Street View.

Video: Engrish Test
Everyone's talking about Singapore English, from our Prime Minister to pop diva Beyonce. The sorry state of Singapore speech - are we beyond hope? Or is it just a couple of tricky words that trip our tongue? Klik.TV spends an afternoon in Singapore's Orchard Road to suss out the truth. Take the test yourself and see how you match up with the average Singaporean!

Video: Credit Card Boomz: Ris Low Special
After a shocking revelation that Ris Low was involved in credit card fraud before becoming Ms Singapore World, we at KlikTV try to repair her image by landing her a role in a credit card commercial.

News: Michael Bay welcomes Megan Fox back to Transformers 3
Michael Bay promises Megan Fox that no alien robots will harm her during production of new Transformers movie.

News: Klik Your Face "I Dig Ben & Jerry's" Contest Winners!
Find out if you're one of the 10 lucky faces of our first ever Klik Your Face! Contest.

News: Peculiar ad in the papers wants to reward you for your Chocolate mobile phone
You'll be rewarded with US$10 000 if you have a handset with any of these 5 serial numbers.

News: Beauty Queens Gone Bad!
Miss Singapore Ris Low may have been busted on credit card fraud, but her transgressions look downright tame compared to this line-up.

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