Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Come to ION and meet Danny Choo, the Tokyo Stormtrooper at 6pm today!


Klik.TV will be filming Danny Choo, the Tokyo Stormtrooper outside ION, Orchard at 6.00pm today. Do come by and say hi and if you want, you can dance with Danny. Here are some pics taken earlier today at Raffles Place and the Merlion at Fullerton.




See you guys and gals at ION later today. Don't forget to bring along your dancing shoes.


iron2000 said...

So is filming the SG Dance Trooper video?


GeekGod said...

Woah!!! Danny Choo!!!

Shy said...

IZ: You should become the Singapore Stormtrooper.

Lord Kimbo said...

Did you get his autograph? :op

xXx said...

When will the video be up?

I.Z. Reloaded said...

The Tokyo Stormtrooper in Singapore video will be posted on Klik.TV later today. Check it out!

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