Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Moving Visuals Co and Klik.TV Christmas Party


Photos from The Moving Visuals Co and Klik.TV Christmas party we had yesterday at Tanglin Club. Lots of good food, great music (yup, I sang Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive with the boss) and lots of booze! I think I drank too much. LOL.





Mel, my ex producer at Klik.TV!


Pinoy boy Jester!


Jo who promised me that she will get me a Japanese maid for Christmas. I'm still waiting babe.


Jason, my sound guy!


My best bud and smoking kaki at work, Tim! I'm going to miss you man when I leave.


Our two lovely interns, Sam and Ida. You gals,Tim and Steff (thanks for the Tim Tam and everything) are the reason why I decided to come to the party.


Thanks for the gift Sam. You're the best intern!


That's Nic, Vika, Zac and me. Hopefully I'll post more pics and a video of me singing when I get them from the rest of the guys.


Anonymous said...

so thats sam.
i remember her.

looks like an awesome party dude.

Anonymous said...

so fun n sad... sad that u are leaving

GeekGod said...

Dude you leaving? Klik.TV?

zinc said...

ok can't wait for the video! btw, you look damn gorgeous ;o)

Queenie said...

Someone look very happy with his interns.. kekeke.

Mr Big said...

Leave? Where? When?

We want video! We want video!

arial82 said...

u leaving klik?

ANG said...

Wah someone quiting. Merry Christmas dude!

Anonymous said...

nice lookin at the pics but sad reading some of the stuff you wrote about you going to miss your colleague, etc.

Myra Leong said...

Don't leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happened?

What is Klik.TV going to do without you?

If you leave, we readers will leave with you.

xXx said...

sam n ida very cute! ha!

pinkdior said...

iz in suit! so so so fucking hot!!!!!

Gaylord said...

IZ: Come join my company. Then I can have you everyday. With and without suit.

Hazel Goh said...

IZ in a nice suit! Wooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Q said...

Bad news for Klik if you're leaving.

Anonymous said...

yes sam n ida are very cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

iz, thanks for coming to the party. i know you did not want to but it's very nice to see you make it. nice singing bro.

k9 said...

leave? no!! :o(

Rickie said...

IZ: Why are you leaving? Bad boss? Not enough babes? Too many gays?

Anonymous said...

r u joinin a competitor :op

Anonymous said...

nice watch! haaa!

pc said...

will you marry me as a domestic engineer?