Monday, December 14, 2009

ZoukOut 2009: Come to where the bright lights dance


I was at Sentosa on Saturday night with the Klik.TV crew to cover ZoukOut 2009 at Sentosa. We will be posting the video tomorrow so in the meantime, here are a few photos taken before we started filming.


That's Samantha and me.


Here's Jit!


View of the VIP/Media area from the top! BTW, it was free booze for us till 11pm! And no, I did not get drunk.


The night was still early when this pic was taken.


The Muttons from 98.7fm join a very happy Samantha for a pic!


The all important ZoukOut Media Pass!

Do watch out for the ZoukOut 2009 video on Klik.TV tomorrow. Lotsa dancing bikini babes, I tell you!


xXx said...

can't wait for the video then!

r'chelle said...

too bad you have to leave early iz. was so looking forward to zouking out with you.

Lord Kimbo said...

We want the dancing bikini babes!

We want the dancing bikini babes!

We want the dancing bikini babes!

We want the dancing bikini babes!

DRE70 said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for interviewing me that night

Shy said...

>And no, I did not get drunk.

Right. We believe you. :op

Anonymous said...

samantha is such a cutie.

GeekGood said...

Nice T-shirt dude.

Mr Big said...

What? No pics of sexy girls first?

pinkdior said...

iz: so how's zoukout this year? better than previous ones?

Gaylord said...

Woooohoooo!!!! IZ!!!!!!!!!!!

ENG said...

Eh how come got no free passes for me? Heh.

*allison* said...

can't wait for zoukout 2010

Myra Leong said...

Bring me next year IZ.