Friday, May 20, 2011

MP Vikram Nair becomes hero, drinks Dark Water to show it is safe for Woodlands residents

It's still too early for awards but the MP of the Year has to be Mr Vikram Nair. To show that tap water from Block 686B Woodlands Drive 73 is drinkable, Vikram drank water straight from the tap of a resident's home! Watch the video above. Wah! He risked his life for his residents. Hero! On Monday, the body of an Indonesian maid was found in the rooftop water tank of Woodlands Block 686B, sparking fears from residents that the water is unsafe to drink. Tsk. Where got unsafe? You people have been watching too much Dark Water.

Update: Despite Vikram's heroic efforts, residents are still not convinced and are still spooked about drinking Dark Water. The water tank could be closed down.

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