Friday, May 25, 2012

Shame on you Xiaxue for showing us you are worse than the people who hate you!

Local blogger Xiaxue - pardon me coz I tend to get fits when I call out her name, so let me address her as the pink/purple/blonde hair midget from here on - is in the news today. Straits Times somemore! Seriously Straits Times, no better story to report today meh?

Anyway to summarise the story, the pink/purple/blonde hair midget is fighting back against Facebook abuse by posting the photos and information of her "abusers" on her blog. I don't have a problem with this. These people said mean things to her. She fights back. Anyone would do the same right? Fair and square but I do have a problem when she decides to post pics of the men with their family and kids.

Come on! What have their wives and kids got to do with this? I've blackened the faces here. Check this out. This is what the pink/purple/blonde hair midget has to say about these men and their nasty comments about her: "I mean just extremely distasteful, uncouth, and with absolutely no class at all."

It's funny that she would say all these and then demonstrate her lack of class by posting the above pics. Yes, absolutely no class, distasteful and let me add one more, shameless. That's what the pink/purple/blonde hair midget really is. Shame on you! Shame! Shame!


So our blog queen's revenge is getting mixed reactions according to Straits Times. Some query her motives. Others have backed here. Even the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) cheered her on! Wah Aware leh! It is funny that Singaporeans are so forgetful, now supporting a blogger who's well known as a cyberbully herself in the past. So let me help to refresh your memory because internet never forgets.

This is the same blogger who once tweeted fat girls should take it as a compliment if people think they’re pregnant because it means someone thought they were fuckable. WTF!

This is the same blogger who goes around forums because she has nothing better to do and called the people (many of which are young girls) "losers," "dumb," "insignificant," and used foul language in regards to them! Tsk tsk tsk.

This is the same blogger who takes other people's photos without permission and then even labelled innocent men as wankers!

This is the same blogger who hates it when people treat animals better than they treat humans and even talked about masturbating to your pets!

Yes, this is the same blogger who everyone is now cheering on. Like I said, some people are just so forgetful.

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