Monday, May 14, 2012

SingTel Mio TV ruins English Premier League's biggest day

Football fans in Singapore including me are angry with SingTel Mio TV after the live telecasts of several English Premier League matches were interrupted repeatedly with long "freezes" on the last day of the season.

This is unacceptable SingTel! We do not pay to watch live football on your channel to have it looked like as if it was streamed illegally on the internet! In fact, several illegal internet streams of the last few minutes of the English Premier League were even better than on Mio TV. That's a complete FAIL!

Here's a video that I did to show how Singaporeans felt when Mio TV fucked up the games last night. Oh yes, we are Hulk angry alright. Over at SingTel's Facebook page, they have made a pathetic attempt at an apology.

But judging from the comments, customers are not buying it. Here are some interesting ones.

Draconian Long writes: "If there is a choice, I will never ever take Mio TV! Starhub did a good job before Singtel took over the rights. This is not the first time I had this problem. I always have this problem and seek for helpline which doesn't help at all. The most they can do, is to say sorry and they will arrange technician to come down to fix it.. BUT what the fuck it never ends."

Alex Chua writes: "Singtel can you wake up your god damn idea !!! I've been facing this "freezing issue" for awhile. Last night was the breaking point, missed my last 10 mins of what people has defined as the most exciting moments for the past 125 years of EPL. When consumer pays, we are supposed to benefit from what we paid for but with your sub-standard performance I seriously doubt so."

Andrew Teoh writes: "I've asked for a termination of the contract and I'm not paying a dime for penalty. I've contacted your help line early this morning to give your officers a piece of my mind. To which, he claims he will get someone to call me before 5. Guess what, it's past 5 and I have not heard from anyone. Typical corporate bullies"

Jasper Chew writes: "Never in my life has my football weekend been ruined and Singtel just had to mess up on the last day of the football season. I believe everyone of us deserves compensation and it had better be substantial because of the emotions involved on all the dramatic turn of events that happened last night. Unhappiness isn't the word, it's anger and hatred towards Singtel! The experience last night was plain disgusting, horrible and a football weekend I will forever remember as the WORST!"

Dave G writes: ‎"15 hours since the problem, and six hours since office hours opened today, and that's the best you can come up with? Absolutely SHAMEFUL. Singtel have ruined the greatest (and never to be repeated) finish in the Premier League."

Lucas Awesomous X writes: "I don't think anyone with Mio TV actually bothers watching any of the other channels. We only pay to watch football. We didn't get what we paid for last night. I don't think Singtel has honored its contract with its customers. And its definitely not just 'some' customers."

UPDATE: SingTel's CEO for its consumer division in Singapore has apologised and explained that the service disruptions happened because viewers switched repeatedly between channels at unusually high frequency. Wah! Not bad, blamed us. Not surprisingly, SingTel gets a big middle finger on its Facebook.

UPDATE: I found this story dated August 2010 which highlighted Mio TV's problem: "There have been many issues with SingTel’s bandwidth. Given the exclusive rights that SingTel has bid for, the operator must deliver on its promise, otherwise marketers will be unpleasantly jerked out of their behaviour." The story also says SingTel was fined in March 2010 $50,000 by MDA for a similar problem. 2 years later, it is apparent that the problem isn't fixed.

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