Saturday, December 15, 2012

Singapore Haunted on Malaysian newspaper theSun!!!

The hit web TV show that I'm directing, Singapore Haunted continues to get more and more press coverage. This time, we are on Malaysian newspaper theSun! You can read the article here (e-paper version). It's not everyday, my show is mentioned on the same page as the Hobbit! Heh. In it, I answered some questions posed by the paper.

Here are two of the questions.

theSun: In this day and age, why are people still so fascinated by the paranormal?

IZ:  I think people are generally fascinated by the paranormal and that's why our show Singapore Haunted is popular. Also, it is because the show deals with a subject matter that we, as human beings, are so curious about. Everybody has a fascination with the unknown. It's a constant journey towards finding the truth.

theSun: How did you become interested and involved in this field?

IZ: I've always been fascinated by the unknown. And everyone grows up listening to ghost stories and I'm no different, but I was a bit sceptical. A few years ago, I had a chance to produce and direct a special to promote a paranormal show for Discovery Channel, and it involved a team of investigators doing paranormal investigation. I was totally blown away by the findings, and the viewership for that special was really amazing. So when we founded R3LOAD Network, I knew right away that we needed to produce a show that can help debunk or prove the many different haunting stories we have in Singapore. That's how Singapore Haunted was born.

You can also read the web version of the article here.

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