Monday, December 22, 2008

Twittering from a plane crash

Dude survives a plane crash and becomes the first person in the world to send live updates to his Twitter from the wreckage of a plane. From Tech Radar:
"Holy f****** shit," Wilson tweeted on Saturday night as 2drinksbehind. "I was just in a plane crash!"

The updates that followed included a blurry picture of the scene:

17:57: Ugh ... My glasses fell off in the mass exodus getting off the plane .. Can't see very well

17:58PM: This was crash #2 for me. Maybe I should start taking the bus.

1 comment:

The Fairy Princess said...

The guy can't see very much because he lost his glasses from the plane crash but he has no problem Twittering about it right away. Funny

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