Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Author selling the movie rights to his short story collection

Mark Reynolds is selling the movie and television rights to his book Dark Wonders for US$12,000. The book is a collection of 25 tales of horror and dark fantasy. From eBay:
Up for auction is Movie / Television Rights to all twenty-five stories included in my collection, DARK WONDERS. These stories would make excellent TALES FROM THE CRYPT ("Rolled Rules") & TWILIGHT ZONE ("Pick-Up Day") type features.

My wife and I recently adopted a little baby from China and almost immediately after arriving home I broke my leg. Funds have been short ever since and I am hoping to recoup lost money while offering someone with the extra cash an opportunity to take these tales and expand, improve, or just film them. I guarantee there is enough frightening material within the pages of this collection to land a big movie contract - I just don't have the time nor the connections to prove this. I hope you do!

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