Tuesday, December 04, 2007

$10 to flag down a cab in Singapore?

They overcharge, speed, drive recklessly, give poor service and now they are calling for a fare hike. And if we let some of them have their way, they would even increase the flag down fare from the current $2.50 to up to $10! Yup. They are the bloody taxi drivers. From AsiaOne:
Some quarters have called for fares to rise substantially to manage demand, so that commuters who need a cab will find it easier to get one.

Cabby Chew Lian Sheng, 37, said that is the 'only way to manage demand', since taxi companies are unable to put more taxis on the road because there are not enough drivers around.

Mr Chew said the flag-down fare should be between $7 and $10. 'There'd be a public outcry. But cabbies can earn a living with fewer trips.'

Mr Chew is also of the view that surcharges must be removed or at least, simplified, as they 'create an artificial market'.

Cabby Manjeet Singh, 62, said the flag-down fare should be $6 or $7. 'It's pathetic now,' he said. 'We should also abolish the surcharges - they are very confusing.'
$6 to $10 just to flag down a cab in Singapore? Are these cabbies mad? Oh wait, maybe they are. Crikey! That's why I don't pity taxi drivers. They are just horrible creatures.


c said...

they wont lah...if cab flagdown $10 soon mrt will be min $5 perdue to overcrowding..
somemore here taxi is monopolised by u-know -who...whatever increase will only benefit u-know-who...
when no one wants to take cab their tune will change...

Mr Big said...

They asking for 7 to 10 dollars shows how greedy taxi drivers have become.

I hope the gahmen won't listen to them.

Public transport has to be affordable if it is going to work.

Shy said...

Why are they complaining so much? The price of diesel is still much cheaper than petrol. And I really do not agree with the driver saying that they aren not enough drivers around. Excuses, excuses and excuses.

Anonymous said...

i never pity taxi drivers too.

Bengster said...

Like dat i ride bicycle to work liao!

Anonymous said...

it is the taxi companies' fault.

they shld reduce the rental of the taxis..

n help subsidise the cost of diesel.

the govt shld also make new rule so that taxis dun have to pay erp.

stick to the surcharges but do not increase the flag down rate so much.

someone said...

c:if cab flagdown $10 soon mrt will be min $5 perdue to overcrowding

It's possible!!

well, go riot?? Ha, it wont be happened in this Spore.

What can we do, maybe ...

1. Say 'No cab, no taxi!
2. Move to a place which is closed to work/school place!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much taxi drivers expect to earn per month. $3000? $4000? $5000? If they want to work regular 8 hours and draw a comfortable pay, maybe they should have explored other career routes. I mean, c'mon, $2000-3000 would be a reasonable "terminal" salary for a cab driver, right? Otherwise, why would anyone go to poly or uni? They'll just aspire to be a cab driver.

Bevin said...

Taxi fares in Singapore are far below the fares in countries with similar CPIs and income levels. I think its about time that the fares are brought up.

Of course, we need a far improved public transport to compensate as currently the reason for excess demand for taxis is the lack of quality public transport.

Good public transport (which should be government owned and not publicly listed due to the inherent loss-bearing nature of the business) + higher taxi fares = benefit to everyone (taxi drivers earn more, ordinary people can still travel around cheaply on public transport and those in a hurry can take a taxi albeit at a higher price)


The reason that we have a shortage of taxis despite having one of the highest per capita taxi ratios is that the impicit cost of using public transport exceeds the implicit cost of flagging a taxi. THis is why we have excess demand for taxis.

As I said, the only solution is SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED public transport and HIGHER taxi fares.

cose said...

Bevin,you sound like an economist