Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I like to pose with naked guys!


This was taken inside Emily Hill on Sunday when it hosted an exhibition by the Singapore Design Festival 2007. Yes. As you can see from pic, I love to take photos with naked guys.

The real reason I was at Emily Hill was to spend my Sunday evening at Wild Oats Bar - one of my favourite chill out places!


Ain't the place beautiful? Pic from the Wild Oats Bar website.


I love this Batman and Robin sign!


And here's me and a distant relative. You can see the resemblance.


I had a great time at Wild Oats Bar. Lovely music, nice drinks, great company and to cap the evening, this beautiful beam of light from the setting sun that penetrated the clouds. Lovely! I wish all my Sundays are like this.


Shy said...

Why aren't you posing naked with the naked guy then? Hehe.

I've read about Wild Oats and Emily Hill. Would love to check then out one day.

Good that you enjoyed your Sunday IZ.

Lord Kimbo said...

Nice place dude.

Myra Leong said...

IZ: Bring me there and I'll chill out with you every Sunday.

xXx said...

Hahaha! I was expecting to see some real hot x-rated pics.

Anonymous said...

s'pore needs to have more places like this

Gaylord said...

"I like to post with naked guys!"

Me too!

vivi said...

iz: u r hot

someone said...

beautiful shots, last one is the most!

r'chelle said...

iz: who's the great company? ;o)

Mr Big said...

Your distant relative looks familiar.

sarah said...

nice place. thanks for doing a review about it. oh and i LOVEEE your t-shirt!!