Saturday, December 01, 2007

James voted off Survivor China

Ok I admit. I'm a closet Survivor fan. Last night's episode of Survivor China was one of the best this season. James, the overwhelming favourite to win this year, was surprisingly voted off!

Before the tribal council, the contestants hatched a plan to blind-sight James into thinking that they are going to vote off Peih-Gee. James had in his possession not one but two immunity idols that would, if he plays them during tribal council, ensure his safety and ultimately a good chance in winning the competition. Well he did not. Call it overconfidence on his part or his inability to figure out that his mates were out to secretly vote him off. He sat there, confident that he would be safe. Oh boy was he wrong.

When the votes were tallied, Jeff called out James' name as the 10th Survivor to be voted off. The contestants including those in the jury were all smiling. I was shouting: Yes!!! James had shock written all over his face. It was unbelievable. What a classic! I'm just loving Survivor every week.

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