Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CNN sells headline t-shirts

CNN has decided to sell t-shirts using some of its weird/funny news headlines. Could it be that CNN is struggling with its advertising revenue that now it has to think of other creative ways to make more money? But whatever the reason is, the person in CNN who came up with this idea should be given a pay raise or a promotion. I think it's brilliant. CNN T-shirts! Who would ever thought that a giant news company like CNN will be selling t-shirts?

On its homepage, just look for the latest news section and if you see a headline with a little t-shirt icon next to it, that means the headline is available as a t-shirt. According to the FAQ, headlines that can be bought as t-shirts are available as long as the headlines stay in the latest news section. What a pity because I would really like to order this headline as a t-shirt.

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