Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to dye your hair using Kool-Aid

With all those cheap DIY hair dying kits easily available in shops nowadays, I wonder why would some people still want to dye their hair using Kool-Aid. Crikey! From WikiHow:
1. Mix two packs of unsweetened Kool-Aid with about twice as much conditioner as you use normally in order to make a pasty mix.

2. Dampen your hair.

3. Smear Vaseline on your skin near your hairline so you won't get a colored forehead or ears too! Also, to avoid getting the dye on your pillow, wrap your head in plastic wrap, or an old shower cap, then cover your head with an old ragged towel. Then apply mixture to your head.

4. If you're doing tips or highlights, use a highlighting wand and wrap the dyed sections in tinfoil.

5. Leave the dye in for 9-10 hours if you have dark hair, or 4-5 hours if you have blonde hair.

6. Rinse out when you are done.

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