Thursday, April 24, 2008

NASA Astronaut Recruitment

It's not to late for those of you (Americans only, damn it!) who want to be an astronaut with NASA. It will accept applications for its 2009 Astronaut Candidate Class through July 1, 2008. Quick. Go apply. Can go to the moon. From NASA:
The open positions are for astronaut candidates to train for tours of duty on the International Space Station, the largest human spacecraft ever built. It is also the site for research that will prepare NASA for future long-duration human missions to the moon and other destinations. The Constellation Program is responsible for building and operating the next-generation vehicles that will carry astronauts to the space station and the moon.

Applicants must meet physical standards and educational requirements, which include a bachelor’s degree in engineering, math or science and at least three years of experience in one of these fields. Teaching experience, including experience at the K-12 level, is considered to be qualifying experience; therefore, educators are encouraged to apply.

The open positions require extensive travel on Earth and in space. Possible destinations may include, but are not limited to, Texas, Florida, California, Russia, Kazakhstan, the International Space Station and the moon.


Hasbullah Pit said...

Malaysia should have a module in ISS,

then Malaysian can work there to maintain our ownership of the module.

I.Z. Reloaded said...

sebol: That would be cool mate but I just read somewhere that some Malaysians would prefer to scrap the space program and use the money on other national interests.

Anonymous said...

How much does it cost for a country to put a man in space via using the Russians of course? US$10m?

It's a matter of national pride. But space is the next frontier. If you do not start a space program now, you will be left behind in the future.

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