Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ris Low to star in new Transformers movie!

Ris Low at Klik.TV

Ris Low paid a visit to Klik.TV this afternoon to announce that she's going to star in the new Transformers movie to be directed by Michael Bay.

Ris Low at Klik.TV

Ris Low in Transformers 3? Michael Bay must be mad!

Ris Low at Klik.TV

Ris Low at Klik.TV

Here's Ris and me after filming her exclusive interview.

You can watch it on Klik.TV. Boomz!


Mr Big said...

What happened to your blog comments dude? I cannot post for a dew days already.



GeekGod said...

Great work bro! I even fooled my friends yesterday.

Giselle Loh said...

Giselle is very jealous that Ris is putting her body so close to IZ and IZ is putting his hand on Ris'back

nathan said...

RickRoll'D !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

very clever.

987fm also use ris low for their april fools day.

primus said...

if this was real, i wld boycott transformers!

Anonymous said...

did she sleep with michael bay?

Myra Leong said...

IZ: You better clean your Bumblebee

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