Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ris Low in Transformers 3 and the other Ris Low April Fools prank

If you haven't seen the video where Ris Low announced she's starring in Transformers 3, here's the link again. Yes, it is indeed an April Fools Day prank by Klik.TV! Pretty good eh?

Sorry all you Ris fans. I know you are super excited to see Ris opposite Shia LaBeouf but you never know. Michael Bay may have watched our video and fingers cross, Ris may still be in Transformers 3. Now that would be something!

Talking about Ris. She's very pleasant to work with. She's really a nice and friendly girl. Really!!! And she was even on time. I told her to come to our office at 1200hrs on Thursday for the shoot and she arrived at 10 minutes before 12! I remember I was trying to fix the audio for the camera and I heard someone at the door. "Hi. I'm Ris Low." I then looked at my watch. Wow! She's early! Good thing because I was afraid she would show up at midnight. BTW, Ris is so natural in front of the camera and handled the script that I wrote very well. Thanks Ris. Great job!

Apparently we are not the only one that used Ris for April Fools. 987fm "hired" Ris as a DJ. She was on air for a few days and that made a lot of 987fm listeners very upset. I'm sure they are very happy now that April Fools is over.

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