Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrity Deathmatch: Nicole Seah vs Tin Pei Ling


Mr Miyagi in his blog post suggested that Nicole Seah from NSP and Tin Pei Ling from PAP should fight each other. I thought that's a brilliant idea so I decided to put these two young ladies in a Celebrity Deathmatch like you see on MTV. That's Pei Ling on top of Nicole. I know they shouldn't be smiling when they are fighting but girls being girls, they said they want to smile for the camera. BTW, Nicole is 24 years old - 3 years younger than Pei Ling. See! PAP is not the only party that has sweet young things for the General Election. Polling Day takes place on May 7. Let the battle begin.

Update: It's confirmed! Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling will do battle in Marine Parade GRC on Polling Day!

Update: Video of Nicole Seah in her first ever election rally: "PM Lee, who is paying your salary?!"

Update: Video of Nicole Seah speaking to voters in Tampines: "Tampines is my homeground! I've stayed here for the past 12 years."

Update: He loves me. He loves me not! Does Tin Pei Ling really know? Or does she not? Watch music video here.

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dude nicole should be on top of TPL