Wednesday, June 27, 2012

City Harvest Church uses $24m church money to fund Sun Ho's lack of musical ability

Founder of City Harvest Church and four other senior members were charged in court with misappropriating S$50 million in church funds. The first charge involves "sham transactions" allegedly devised to conceal the diversion of some S$24 million from the church's Building Fund to fund Sun Ho's music career. Sun is Kong Hee's wife. Sun also can't sing no matter how much money the church is spending on her.

Anyway, City Harvest Church wants us to believe that Sun Ho's music touches people's lives, connects with them and even reaches out to non-Christians. If you can't understand how her music touches your life after watching her two music videos China Wine and Mr Bill (two of the worst music videos ever produced), try watching them backwards. Now, can you hear the subliminal messages in these two songs? Listen carefully, again and again. Do you feel connected now?

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