Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Singapore Sticker Lady is arrested, please Free Sticker Lady!

A 25 year old woman has been arrested for vandalising several roads in Singapore. Known as SKL0 or the Sticker Lady, she pasted humorous circular stickers printed with captions on signs and roads and also spray painted the words "My Grandfather Road " along Robinson Road and Maxwell Road.

Yes, she got balls alright! Don't you wish your grandfather own a road too? LOL! Under Section 3 of the Vandalism Act, Chapter 341, a person who is convicted shall be punished with a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding to 3 years and shall be liable to caning subjected to the Criminal Procedure Code 2010. I really hope the law cut her some slack but my feeling is they will not let her go scott free. The stickers are one thing but I don't think the government will be too pleased with someone spray painting the roads.

Seriously, these are brilliant right?! Fucking creative, I have to say. I'd hire her! Come on Singapore, let's Free Sticker Lady!!!

UPDATE: Kirsten Han has Free Sticker Lady stickers. (Thanks Kong)

UPDATE: Sticker Lady has a name. She is Samantha Lo and she is the founder of RCGNTN, an online magazine. (Thanks Shoya65)

UPDATE: You can download and print all the stickers that are made by Sticker Lady here but don't do anything stupid with them. Canning is very painful. (Thanks Mr Big)

UPDATE: Straits Times first reported about the mysterious stickers in November last year.

UPDATE: Arts NMP Janice Koh writes on Facebook: "The traffic light stickers and stencil work by ‘Sticker Lady’ are therefore clearly tongue-in-cheek expressions of themes and social behaviours that resonate with many Singaporeans, and which we all identify with and find humourous... I do hope the authorities will deal with this case of Sticker Lady with a light touch."

UPDATE: Sticker Lady's case reminds me of the two vandalism cases in Singapore which got a lot of attention worldwide. The first was American Michael Fay who was given 4 strokes of the cane and 4 months jail in 1994 for vandalising cars and stealing signs. The second was Swiss Oliver Fricker who got 5 months jail time and 3 strokes of the cane in 2010 for cutting through the fence of an SMRT Changi train depot and spray painting two trains.

UPDATE: The LTA has removed My Grandfather Road. Pic taken by jazzminey. (Thanks Karenz)

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