Wednesday, April 02, 2008

10 Downing Street goes Web 2.0

If you think only kids and geeks use Twitter, then think again. The office of the British Prime Minister is also twittering! No it's not an April Fool's Day joke. From Downing Street:
We've had a couple of people ask that question. This twitter channel is not an April Fool, it's real.
And they are asking for suggestions on how they should use their Twitter. From Downing Street:
We welcome comments on how you think we should be using this channel. Keep the ideas coming.
Hmm, how about getting Gordon Brown himself to use it and let the world know what he is doing? I know he is a very busy man but he could be the first PM in the world to use Twitter. Imagine him putting on his suit to get ready for an important meeting with a foreign head of state and one hand twittering on his mobile: "Damn I'm late. Again. Suit getting a bit too tight for me. Need to lose weight." LOL. That would be something aye.

Besides being on Twitter, the British Prime Minister's office also has a Flickr account! Looks like everyone is going Web 2.0 these days.

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