Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo makes you sick

Ian Holloway writes in his column about the phenomenon that is Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United:
There was something in the papers about Ronaldo having his teeth done and waxing his chest - well you can wax whatever you like when you're as good as that!

Next thing you know he'll be setting a trend by waxing one half of his head - everyone would be doing it. I've beaten him to it, though - I've waxed both sides of mine!

The kid makes you sick. He looks the part, he walks the part, he is the part. He's six-foot something, fit as a flea, good-looking - he's got to have something wrong with him.

Hopefully he's hung like a hamster! That would make us all feel better!
36 goals in all competitions this season, including 26 in the Premier League! I'd be shocked if he doesn't win the World Player of The Year award. This guy is like from another planet!

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