Thursday, July 24, 2008

Highlights from the L.A. Premiere of The X-Files: I Want to Believe

The live webcast of the L.A. Premiere of The X-Files: I Want to Believe is now over but for those who missed it, here are some highlights:

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter took the stage to answer some questions from the fans at the premiere. Gillian said it's nice to work together with the entire X-Files team after so long. Frank said it's a revelation to see so many people still loving Mulder and Scully. Gillian agreed and said it's really awesome that all the fans are showing up and supporting them this way. Someone asked about David's and Gillian's favourite X-Files episodes. Gillan's favourite X-Files is Bad Blood while David says his is Post Modern Promotheus. Another fan asked them if they can provide one word each to sum up the new X-Files movie. Frank: Gross. Chris: Sweet. Gillian: Hot. David: Loyal. Chris Carter said this is the 17th year that he has been involved with the Mulder and Scully characters and that it's time for a hookup. Woohoo!

During the one on one live interviews where the stars answered questions from fans online, Chris revealed that The X-Files: I Want To Believe is based on current time and if you're an X-Files fan, you will not be dissatisfied. He also added that the best thing about this movie is that it is refreshing. He also said that his favourite X-files episode is Beyond The Sea and confirmed that the Lone Gunmen are really dead and another X-files movie may be on the horizon but there will be no more TV series. When asked about Mulder in the new movie, Chris replied that Mulder who has become reclusive in the new movie, looks trimmer and hinted that we may see Mulder's naked bod.

Frank Spotnitz who co-wrote the script with Chris Carter, said that he hoped fans will embrace The X-Files: I Want To Believe. He said it gives him great pleasure to be giving fans this new movie.
Frank's favourite X-files episodes are the ones written by Darin Morgan and revealed he got some ideas for his own X-Files episodes from the most unlikely of sources - cookbooks! He also said that the X-files can always go on forever.

David Duchovny said one of his most disturbing moments doing the X-files TV show was him hurting his shoulder while shooting Jersey Devil. When asked if there will be a X-Files movie trilogy, he said yes but it all depends on the fans. David said his most memorable moment while doing the new movie is watching a fan compilation video with Gillian Anderson on YouTube.

Gillian Anderson said that you can feel it while watching the movie that the characters of Mulder and Scully have moved on. She always thought the idea of both her and David coming back together for a movie was very exciting. Gillian also revealed that she did know how many of her own character traits that she might not have today if she did not play Scully. Regarding the tight security of the script during filming, she said that was a real challenge for her while doing the new movie.

Ryan Thomson who played the Alien Bounty Hunter in the X-files TV series was also at the Red Carpet event. He was asked about his role as the Alien Bounty Hunter and after describing it, added that David dubbed him the Booty Hunter. He also said that he missed seeing and working with the old cast from the X-files.

Mark Snow, the X-files composer said it's great doing the music for the X-files again and that this time there were so many different moods and styles that he could work with. He said his favourite scene in the new movie is towards the end and hopes that the next X-files movie will be filmed in Hawaii!

Lastly, here are some screencaps that I took from the live webcast. More here.

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