Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Singapore responds to Wall Street Journal again

It's confirmed. Our government does read Wall Street Journal but I bet the paper isn't one of its most loved publications. Last month, the Press Secretary to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew wrote to the Wall Street Journal criticizing an editorial. This time, it's the Press Secretary to the Minister for Law's turn to write to the Wall Street Journal to rebut a recent editorial about Singapore's judiciary. From WSJ:
Western newspapers, NGOs and human rights groups like the IBA's Human Rights Institute prescribe Western norms as the way for other countries to "join the ranks of modern democracies." But not every Western norm is suitable to all countries in the world. Singapore cannot allow those who carry no responsibility for Singapore's future to dictate its political and legal systems. Singaporeans know that they have a noncorrupt government and an independent judiciary. They live in one of the top five most transparent countries in the world, with the freedom to express their views, oppose the government and take part in free and fair elections. Singaporeans will choose for themselves the shape and norms for their society.
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