Saturday, September 13, 2008

Living Oprah

35 year old writer, performer and artist is living her life the way Oprah advises on her TV show, website and magazines for one year and she's blogging it. From Living Oprah:
My friends and colleagues have voiced concern over whether or not there are enough hours in the day to live under Oprah's advice. Frankly, that's one of the reasons I am doing this project. If it runs me ragged, then so be it. There are many women in my life who look up to Oprah and feel inadequate in comparison to her. Oprah likes clean sheets on her bed every couple of days I'm told, she thinks we should have our jeans tailored, etc. Is all of this possible for a woman who doesn't have domestic help or the financial means to easily have these tasks performed? I have a job, I am finishing my graduate school thesis. I am nervous about how much time 'living my best life' per Oprah will take.

But I feel strongly at least one of us (women!) needs to try this out in a transparent manner to be an example to other women who feel deficient in comparison to Oprah.

Remember - I'll be tracking the time all of this takes and the money it costs. While I will be applying for grants to complete this project, I am planning on having to do this out of pocket. I'm not taking the project lightly. Neither is my husband. We're entering into this well informed, knowing the project is not without risk or vigor.

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