Sunday, September 14, 2008

Risa Niigaki gives me a nose bleed

Thanks to reader Abe for sending me these solo shot videos of my favourite girl Risa Niigaki on YouTube. Links here (video above), here and here. I can watch these all day but I better stop. Nose bleeding! May need blood transfusion.

When Risa Niigaki and I.Z. make babies
Morning Musume on Taiwan show
I dreamt of Morning Musume
Last Kiss


zinc said...

hahaha! u are so funny i.z.

but u r right. she looks so damn good in these videos.

Ryan said...

Didn't anyone tell you obsession is bad for health?

xXx said...

haha i like this - This is a common theme of Japanese anime/manga. Instead of acquiring an erection at those points in time, i.e. extreme arousal and the such, anime males and females have been known to have extreme nosebleeds. Apparently the more aroused the bigger the nose bleed

Shy said...

IZ: No nose bleed for me?

Mr Big said...

Ryan: Depends on what kinda obsession.

Myra Leong said...

Shy: Because he has no more blood to bleed after nose bleeding for Risa and... ME!!!


Anonymous said...

momusu fan here.

i hope gakisan will not graduate so soon.