Monday, December 01, 2008

4 more hours to win this LG70 HDTV!

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You have until midnight to win this beautiful LG70 HDTV (HD5 setup box, PS3, TV stand and the lamp pictured above not included)! Here are just 3 out of the more than 280 entries that I've received since the contest began last week.

Jenny wrote:
She has Full HD 1080p resolution
You can watch Nature and her creatures in its full glory, right down from the glossy snake scales, Kermit leaping into your face to the drips of perspiration on your fave soccer player in action.

Sleek moves with TruMotion 100Hz
Drool over Daniel Craig’s (or any other James Bond predecessors for that matter) swift moves and car chases. Catch Lewis Hamiliton’s now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t F1 race.

Born with it Intelligent Sensor
Myopics rejoice! Scarlet cares for your eyes with automatic brightness adjustments for a more comfy viewing pleasure.
Here's Juliet's entry:
If you love to see your favourite actors super up close and personal, big and clear.
If you love to watch TV everyday.
If you love to have a stylish TV set in your modern living room.
Then you should get the Scarlet LG70 HDTV.
A powerful TV of features packed into a sleek sophisticated design.
Scarlet LG70 HDTV Rocks !
And lastly, from Cheryl:
Why Scarlet is the purrfect woman for you
1) She's Intelligent. She can read your mind and mood with her Intelligent Sensor to ensure you the get the best viewing pleasure on and of her any time of the day.
2) She's Sharp. Built to full HD resolution. You can enjoy detailed images, right down to every subtle shadows casted.
3) She's Red hot! I know you guys lurrve the colour red.

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