Help a company choose which of its employees to fire

A Belgian communication agency is having problems during the economic crisis so it is asking Internet users to help it choose which one of its 8 employees to fire. Apparently, the management can't choose so it is doing the next best thing, letting outsiders decide. Great! Being retrenched is already bad enough but this is worse.


Spank-A-Lot said…
Talk about total humiliation......thankfully Singapore doesn't do such a thing.
Anonymous said…
I think it's just a joke. It's a "buzz" company after all.
Anonymous said…
It's not a practical way I think.
As an employer, should know their peepz better than others.

Well, cut pay rather than retrenchment, because empolyer doesn't need to pay the employee to leave. Meantime, save them when market is bad.
Anonymous said…
definitely a joke 'cos otherwise why would the employees agree to take the mugshots - look very posed.

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