Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Newspaper steals photo from Flickr

Flickr user Diamond Geezer says that the UK paper, the Daily Mail used a photo he uploaded to Flickr without his permission and he's pissed! From Flickr:
Here's my Wembley IKEA photo, stolen by some wretch at Mail Online to illustrate a grim news story about a road accident, and republished with "© Flickr" slapped in the bottom left hand corner. They didn't ask, they didn't attribute, they didn't pay.

Various Twitter contacts advised suing them, or at least contacting the Mail and invoicing them (as Giles successfully did when they shafted him).

So I rang the Online Pictures Editor, as suggested, and he duly apologised. They're not supposed to nab Flickr photos, he confirmed, and apparently worktime access to Flickr is barred for all Mail Online employees.

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