Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hello Campaign wants to say Hello to Singaporeans this Saturday

Gina writes: "If you don't know already, the 2009 Singapore Kindness Movement started last week, April 5th. In conjunction with SKM, Hello Campaign is a movement that aims to connect Singaporeans socially. Managed entirely by volunteers, this campaign will see some 500 (or more) youth volunteers stationed at Dhoby Ghaut this Saturday, April 11, in a bid to say a simple 'Hello' to as many strangers as possible.

I've also hopped on this bandwagon as a volunteer as I see this as my opportunity to create a change in the society, albeit in a small way. None of us are doing this professionally, neither are we funded by any organisations, and we are non-commital to anything but the simple desire of seeing Singaporeans adopt a friendlier attitude towards each other, and being apart of this revolution. And yes, we do know that this can't happen overnight, but it can happen in gradual steps, and Saturday would be a huge one!"

Alright people, don't forget to join Gina and the folks from the Hello Campaign at Dhoby Ghaut this Saturday from 1 - 4 pm and if you want to be a part of the Hello movement, just give the above numbers a call.


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