Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Facebook application for Sony Ericsson C150 Cyber-shot phone

Facebook addicts can now stay updated on their friends' status directly from their phone's desktop (standby screen) thanks to the new Facebook application for Sony Ericsson C150 Cyber-shot phone.

The Facebook interface on the C510 Cyber-shot displays a unique newsfeed-style wallpaper, where you can view friends' status updates, notifications, and their latest activities on Facebook. You choose how regularly this newsfeed is updated. With the new Facebook application, you can also upload photos taken with the C510 Cyber-shot instantly and share them through Facebook photo albums with only one click.

Existing owners of the C510 Cyber-shot who wish to have the Facebook app can contact Sony Ericsson Customer Support at +65-6744-0733.

The Sony Ericsson C150 Cyber-shot phone retails at $448 (without contract), is YouTube enabled, has a 3.2 megapixel Cyber-shot camera, Smile Shutter that detects a person’s smile and immediately takes the photo, Face Detection, Auto-rotation, and a pre-installed application by HP's Snapfish that allows users to send print orders from the phone to Snapfish and have quality photo prints delivered to their homes.

You can view high resolution pics of the C150 Cyber-shot in all its three colours by clicking on the thumbnails below or here.

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