Thursday, April 09, 2009

Join the Force at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore is looking for young talents to join its Jedi Masters Program. The program's goal is to identify talented young artists and train them under the mentorship of instructors from Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation and LucasArts. It's just like in the Star Wars movies where the young Padawans undergo apprentice training under the tutelage of a Jedi Knight, but in this program, you use computers, not light sabers.From Jedi Masters Program:
The Jedi Council (a.k.a a panel of senior artists and instructors from Lucasfilm in the US and Singapore) will review every resume and portfolio received from candidates. Final candidates will be selected by Lucasfilm Animation Singapore at its sole discretion.

Once accepted, you will be asked to sign an Apprentice Agreement as well as a Non-Disclosure form since you will be privy to lot of confidential materials.

While actual padawans are asked to build their own lightsabers to complete their training, you will get the chance to work on actual projects. Your mentors will regularly evaluate your performace based on demonstrated talent, artistic skills, technical competence, teamwork, effective communication, and problem solving abilities, as well as passion.

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