Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Worker looking at pics of hot women in the background during live news report

A Macquarie bank employee can be seen looking at several pictures of women including what looks like a nude photo in the background during a live cross to Martin Lakos of Macquarie Private Wealth. Watch the video above. Some close-ups below.





Dude, you're so screwed!

Update: The dude's name is David "I'm so farking screwed" Kiely, a Client Investment Manager and the pics are of model Miranda Kerr. David is currently at home (most likely spending his time surfing p0rn), pending a decision on his future at Macquarie due later in the week. You can say hi to David on his Linked In page. LOL.

Update: David Kiely gets to keep his job. Wah! But no more soft p0rn at work.

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