Thursday, February 25, 2010

Watch highlights of City Alive 2010 on Klik.TV

I was at the F1 Pit Building on Saturday to film City Alive! 2010. The highlights video is now on Klik.TV. Watch out for DJ Sarasa (she's really cute) and Space Cowboy in the video!

It was really fun filming on the F1 track.  I have never been inside the Pit Building so it was definitely an experience not to forget. The video is probably one of my best camera work for Klik.TV. My colleague Haren who edited the video says that I'm better than the cameramen from MTV! Wah! He used to work for MTV so that's definitely a compliment.

Also don't forget to watch the video of the biggest street dance in Singapore, also held at City Alive! 2010. It's a must watch!

At City Alive! 2010 after filming

"I came to party. You came to party. So why don't we party together?"

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