10 things you shouldn't miss at the Singapore Airshow 2010

You can now watch the Singapore Airshow video special, 10 things you shouldn't miss at the Singapore Air Show 2010 on Klik.TV. I shot it on Tuesday with my colleague Jit. Filming fast jets is always a challenge but I enjoyed it. Hope you guys and gals enjoy the video too.

Here's another video taken when we hopped on the Singapore Airshow shuttle bus from Changi Airport Terminal 3 to Changi Exhibition Centre.

And here are two photos of me posing with the F111 from Australia.



Catch the Singapore Airshow 2010 at Changi Exhibition Centre on 6 and 7 February 2010. Tickets for adults are priced at S$20 and S$8 for kids. Don't forget to bring along your sunblock and drink lots of water when you watch the Flying Display. It's freaking hot out there!


Unknown said…
wonderful shots... Thanks it helped me decide whom all I must take with me and what all I must carry with me. Also had I not bought the ticket, I would have been happy seeing your video.. welldone!

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