Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tin Pei Ling's Twitter account before she made it private


PAP's youngest candidate Tin Pei Ling may have changed her Twitter username from @tinrina to @tinpeiling and protected all her tweets but I stumbled upon this Google cache of her old tweets. You can view some of her old tweets here.

Now why is this important? Of course it is. I think Singaporeans should be able to read what our potential Members of Parliament are talking about and more importantly, to see for ourselves how good or bad their grammar is.

Take for example our dear Tin Pei Ling in one of her tweets: "S'poreans not havin endured hardship... is a happy prob actually, coz it means we did not bad. : )" What the... ?! Even Ris Low writes better English.

Update: Tin Pei Ling has spoken on Facebook last night with much improved grammar.

Update: Tin Pei Ling announces on her new Facebook page that she's going to stand on top of moving MRT train!

Update: Tin Pei Ling now has a new Facebook page which can read by anyone.

Previously: Straits Times puts photo of Tin Pei Ling's hair on its front page


Unknown said...

140 chars and you expect proper grammars?

steel box said...

hello... do u know whats a tweet anot? SMS dun need to type formal la

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