Monday, April 07, 2008

IZ Reloaded is on Reuters... oops... Rueters

It's an honour to be featured on Reuters... oops... I mean Rueters but I didn't know that I'm that dangerous. Really. From Rueters:
From this seemingly insignificant exposure, iz reloaded spread death quickly and efficiently throughout the town and expanding beyond state borders. Days later, the deaths have swept across the globe. Scientists believe iz reloaded is an international issue and it should be treated as a very serious problem. "Nothing can prevent future deaths. We now know, iz reloaded will kill everything." Dr. Rathburg stressed.

Exposure to iz reloaded causes about 1.6 million deaths in adults in the United States each year, according to the World Health Organization, and this number doubles each year.

"This iz reloaded is a horrible death. There's no doubt, iz reloaded will kill us all." Rathburg said as he burst into tears.
Wanna be featured on Rueters too? Just replace the "iz.reloaded" in "" with your name. The page will also feature your Flickr photo if it's tagged with the same name. Cool!

(via Lancerlord)

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