Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Today's Singapore News

1. Singaporean spends $700,000 on her body
2. Finding a parking lot in CBD will soon be harder
3. The Mas Selamat Escape: Is the Internet-savvy generation making light of a serious issue?
4. Shops, importers try to minimise impact of soaring rice prices
5. Caller ID shows 999? It's not the police, it's a fraudster
6. 60 diabetics in SGH trial to protect kidney with TCM
7. Singapore promising feast of technology for its F1 night race
8. F1 trackside hotels see good demand for rooms
9. S'pore home prices slow after record year
10. More women opting for caesarean births in Singapore

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

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