Thursday, July 03, 2008

Advertlets launch TITAN Widget

Last night, Advertlets launched its new TITAN Widget. You can see how it works on the right side of this blog. Go ahead. Play with it. It's really very cool. You can also see it in action on Felicia Chin's blog, another Advertlets Partner Blog.


Yup, that's Felicia the Mediacorp actress! She has the smaller TITAN widget in pink (for girls). From Advertlets:
How will I place the widget on my blog?
The widget runs rotated across the Advertlets network in our Advertlets Ad Unit and for longer/fixed durations on Partner Blogs. We are planning to release a standalone version of the code very soon for those who wish the widget to run permanently on their blog.

What kind of content will run on the widget?
The widget will mostly feature Advertlets bloggers, but will also incorporate news on Advertlets Events, post event pics, gatherings, fun happenings, contest and more. In addition, sponsors can also have their content included in the widget as well!

What are future new features planned for the widget?
Future features include the ability to show more blogs and match blogs more specifically to viewer’s interest, as well as more ways to discover relevant new blogs. It’s going to be very interesting and we are planning for a rollout of even more features in weeks.
Disclosure: I'm a Blog Ambassador for Advertlets and this blog is an Advertlets Partner Blog.

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