Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Did Singapore provide intel to Anwar?

I have just kept myself up to date with all the latest news about our neighbouring country, Malaysia. So happening man! Damn, why isn't politics in Singapore as exciting? From Straits Times:
Blogs were abuzz yesterday with rumours that several sources, including the intelligence unit of an unidentified neighbouring country, had told Mr Anwar's party of plans to assassinate him and that several hired killers had been brought into the country.

When asked about the source of the information, Mr Anwar declined to say more. 'I wouldn't dwell on that...the thing is that Azizah and the children and the leadership are concerned about my personal safety.'
I'm just wondering if the unidentified neighbouring country is Singapore. Hmm, but then again, our intel can't even find out where Mas Selamat is, so what do they know about hired killers aye?


xXx said...

maybe it's Thailand. they got so many killers for hire there.

Anonymous said...

The questions is if the intel came from Singapore, why did Singapore give it to Anwar?

Bengster said...

Walao eh... Msia politics got a lot of sex one. So shiok sia.

Honky Tong said...

Ya, I think it's Thailand too. Don't think Singapore would want to help any Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

no one is going to kill anwar!

it is just some story made up to create paranoia and fear!

Mr Big said...

Malaysia is one big bloody mess now.