Thursday, September 04, 2008

Discovery Boom De Ah Dah

I love Discovery Channel's new ad called Boom De Ah Dah (video above) featuring some of my favourite Discovery Channel stars like Bear Grylls from Man Vs Wild, Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters. The tune is so catchy that I cannot resist singing to it.

Discovery Channel has been inviting people around the world to create their own versions of the 'Boom De Ah Dah' commercial and upload them to YouTube. You can view all the different Boom De Ah Dan creations here. You can also download the mp3 here. Everybody now... Boom De Ah Dah! Boom De Ah Dah! Boom De Ah Dah!

1 comment:

hurricane said...

i love the whole world, boom-de-ah-da.. hehehe cheers