Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rock Band 2 gameplay with Shackler's Revenge by Guns N' Roses leaked!

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Someone has uploaded a couple of Rock Band 2 gameplay videos on YouTube. The game is expected to be on sale on September 14 for the Xbox so most likely the person has got hold of a preview version. One of the videos has the person playing to the much anticipated new track by Guns N' Roses called Shackler's Revenge (see update below) which will also be in the band's upcoming album Chinese Democracy. Screenshots here (and below) just in case the Shackler's clip gets pulled off from YouTube.

Update: Here's a quick review of the Rock Band 2 game interface. (Thanks GeekGod)
Update: Unfortunately the person's Shackler's Revenge clip was taken down.
Update: Shackler's Revenge Video and Review

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