Monday, September 08, 2008

Singaporean Chinese peasant seeking white guy

If you're a white dude looking for an Asian chick, please contact this poor Singaporean Chinese girl (check out her pic!) to save her from her misery. From Craigslist:
Well, about me, I have really small eyes, crooked teeth and my favorite food is fried noodles and chicken feet. I never hold the door for people behind me and I rush into the subway car without waiting for people to get out. This is the way I was brought up by my peasant parents. My dad sweeps the floors at Lau Pa Sat and my mom works as a happy ending masseuse. Neither of them speak english and my dad eats with his mouth open and pants unzipped.

I really want a Caucasian guy because it will help me forget that I come from Chinese peasant stock and I am 1 generation away from life in a fishing village. If there are any Caucasian guys out there as desperate as I am, please email me and yo can pretend that I am a Chinese hooker and I can pretend like I am Caucasian myself..that is my dream, to one day be Caucasian. I wish I was Caucasian and not the daughter of Chinese peasants. We can go visit my dad at Lau Pa Sat and eat fired noodles off of dirty plastic plates, a high class peasant dinner.
(Thanks Mr Big)


fooi said...

I don't believe there is such a people exist in the world. I think she tire of her life and just meet end needs of her life. Therefore it forces her to make a big decision in her life.

Feel sorry for her. ;(

Anonymous said...

its probably fake.. n so it the pic

Mr Big said...

With a face like that, good luck to the peasant!!!

Shy said...

I think it's fake.