Thursday, December 11, 2008

Singaporeans love Edison Chen!

Nothing like some leaked sex photos involving Honk Kong celebs to entice the curiosity of us sex craved Singaporeans. According to the Google Zeitgest 2008 for Singapore, Edison Chen is the fastest rising search item on Google Search Singapore followed by Olympics and Facebook. From Google Zeitgeist 2008:
2008 has been a year of change in Singapore and people have certainly been using Google to access information about these changes. The fastest rising searched items on these lists ranged from the scandalous (Edison Chen – Hong Kong celebrity whose sex photos were leaked) to the scrumptious (chicken rice – local culinary delight). Sports was also of great interest in Singapore, with searches aimed at local milestones like hosting the world's first F1 night race, winning the bid to host the Youth Olympics in 2010 and winning its 2nd Olympics medal in 48 years (for women's table tennis).
(via The EOK.Network)

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