Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and every social media website on the planet! Tamar Weinberg, a social media enthusiast tells us how we can manage and maintain online relationships on a variety of these popular websites and the egregious sins that you should avoid. From Techipedia:
# Consistently using your Twitter stream for nothing but self-promotion and ego. Profy highlights this phenomenon quite well.
# Requesting that your friends Retweet your Tweets on a consistent basis. This is much more bothersome when the request comes via IM or email and not on Twitter itself. The bottom line: If your content is good enough to stand on its own, it will be Retweeted. There is no reason to make a personal request. (And if it doesn’t stand on its own, it usually doesn’t need to be retweeted.)
# Not humanizing your profile. Twitter is also about real relationships. Add an avatar and a bio at the minimum. Let people know who you are. To take it a step further, make it easy for people to contact you outside Twitter if necessary. This is especially important if someone on Twitter needs to reach you but can’t direct message you since you’re not following them! If they’re making the effort, it’s probably because they really want to talk to you. (Was it something you said? Usually.)

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