Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple calls it the iPad. It's like the iPod Touch, only bigger.


No, it's not the iSlate or the iTablet. Apple calls its latest product, the iPad which sounds like a new feminine hygiene tech product. Can someone hand me the Pad please? Seriously Apple, the iPad?! How about iTampon?

Ok name aside, it looks awesome and it should perform as good as it looks based on the above video by Apple but wait. No flash? What?! No multitasking, no USB ports, no HDMI port, no GPS, no camera, no widescreen (only 4:3) and only 64GB! Now, that sucks.


Wait a minute. Is this the most advance technology that Apple is talking about? Don't think so. The iPad really is just a supersize iPod Touch. Don't get me wrong. I like it but I think I'll wait for version 2.0 before getting one.

Adobe says Flash apps will run on the iPad.
The iPad runs on iPhone OS 3.2. The keyboard is good, not great.

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